Theory of Newlyweds

Decision... Decision....

My wedding day in 2 months and all of the sudden i found myself in all complicated decision. From that moment i have to think as a wife. Simple as that sound, it really is NOT! Well, maybe because the first thing is my soon-to-be hubby and I live in different island in Indonesia. And in 5 months, we will be separated by countries. He will moved to Amsterdam to pursue his Master Degree (Which i support deeply!) and I am.. Still in decision process. Right now, the plan is for me to join him in Amsterdam In January 2011 after 6 months he lives there. And that means.. Another 6 months not the be with my soon-to-be Hubby. And that's another decision i have to make.. Besides what to shop for the winter clothes i will wear in A'Dam.

I turn to my friends for advise in making this decisions. It is really helpful to see other people perspective about your problem cause it opens up your mind to other possibilities. and of course besides those advise on my problem, they will give me extra tip about newlyweds theory. So many people give me their version of marriage theory as soon as i announced our engagement. Among those good one, weird one, funny one there is also mythical, icky and uncomfortable to hear one. Let me make an example:

Not To see Your Bride/Groom Before the Marriage
In indonesian culture we called it "Dipingit" and can go from 1 months before the wedding day.

Your First Night Room should be decorated heavily
A lot of parents do this "favor" for their children. But sometimes they do it way to overboard. My friends can even find a room to sleep on because all the bed is covered with flowers and ribbons. Lucky, she doesn't have allergy for flower dust. Well, that goes the meaning of honeymoon...

Not to bath from one day before your marriage
Ok, this is the mythical but partly true one. They said when you take bath on the day before you getting married, the weather will be rainy or event stormy on your big day. Some witness admit that this theory is true but as fas as i experience, no bath is handled the weather. My sister actually bath several time and Jakarta still sunny hot on her wedding day. So, some people really prefer to be smelly on their big day. Can't imagine what is like to be the guest of those weddings..

Got Your Hubby Love Trough Their Stomach
This theory is the most critical for my Hubby. He insist that i need to be able to cook to support our lives in A'Dam. Good point, thou, with me cooking we can saved up money.

And a lot of others theory that equally interesting.

For now, one theory of newlywed that i will follow, and that is to get more love from my soon-to-be hubby by food.

I am learning to cook, y' all!!

And today is the first day of my personal cooking class. On the menu : Over salty fried egg and sausages completed with spinach and carrots soups...

And days is still counting down to my wedding day. Wish me Luck!!

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