Theory of Student

I just had a serious conversation with my best bud today while we are in the car going home. We talked about work satisfaction. Do our job fulfilled our expectations or not. And surprisingly our answer is the same, Nope.. Na ah.. Nada..

From her perspective, she did not get the challenge and knowledge as much as she wanted. She said that she did not found her job is challenging and gave her the chance to broaden her knowledge about the topics that she working on. Instead, she caught up in the process and now just become a worker instead of engineer as her background is. Well, before her job right now, she used to be working as an engineer so i can see her point.

For me, my job is the same field as my study but still i did not found it satisfactory. Why? Again, the answer is the same. I found myself caught up in the process and just doing day to day job. I also am doing analysis of problems and etc, but not as challenging as my work in collage. Just a little touch up here and there in the data, put a little nice graphic and Voila! Great presentation! In collage, all those hard work just to proves that the data is correct to be process is taking a whole week. You can see the different challenge i faced here. I am not saying this job is not good. I love this field, but the challenge is not in the shape or part that i want to study it. Off course i learn a lot of basic process of the system, people management, handling stress and etc, but still this egoistic nerd head need more..

Our conversation leads to one conclusion. We need to get our butt out off our comfort zone and start making plan of what we really one and start pursuing them. We can not just complain about everything that we do not have, but we have to start thinking what we really want and making real step towards it. And for us.. the best that we can do right now is to choose the field that we really love and go back to our root, as a student. Yeah, Once you are a student, you will always be and always want to be one.

I always count myself as a student although right now i am working as an employee in this company. Well, for me title student equals to coolness (yep, nerd is cool!), intelligent and self esteem. That is why i always so excited about new training and new assignment. Consider yourself as a student gives you the urge you need to be able to learn beyond the system and to seek over the facts that given to you. Right now, i felt i am beginning to loose my student sense cause i am enjoying my comfort zone too much.

Last vacation, My soon-to-be hubby and I were discussing our dream and how to pursue it. Not something big, we just begin by what we want to do step by step after our marriage. And those plan is including me going back to study more of the field i love along with my soon-to-be hubby pursuing his PhD. That is me going out of my shell. But for now, i am still in my sit, as student in work. Learning and learning...

And today, i am still a student, learning to cook once again. Today's menu is : over sweet stir fried Tempe and super delicious chicken soup. Yep score still the same, one ruin food and one good food. Hope i can be better next course!!! Want to make my soon-to-be hubby proud of me..

*picture credit to scui3asteveo on flicker.

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