Theory of Resolution

I never had a really good luck with New Year Resolution, or maybe i am jut to lazy to event remember them. Nonetheless, as i always loved planning things, i have made several resolution that i would love to accomplished. I have learn on my courses last period that changes is supposed to be fun and guided, so i plan it small but hopefully will grow in time :)
So here it is!!
  1. Pass every course in periods 2,3,4,5, and 6 with goods grades without doing any re-exam
  2. Get Master Degree at Least on August 2012 with good grades
  3. Got a good job right after graduation on 2012 in Holland
  4. Pray 5 times a day
  5. loss at least 20 pounds!!!
  6. Start to write or paint again :)
  7. Read 30 books, fiction or non-fiction
So Far, that's all the resolution i can think of. They may seems ordinary, but i said before, i start small and still dream big!

Happy New Year Every one in the Universe!!!
Welcome 2012!!!

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