Theory of Weekend - Week 13

Aiden is finally getting better, no fever and he seems to be more active now. Too bad he still have the snooty nose and bad cough. This week were recovering week for Aiden, so me and Tezar both working from home. We try to put Aiden in the child care on Wednesday, but in the middle of the day, Tezar got a phone call from the teacher saying that Aiden has a 40.6 degrees fever. Since the child care is practically in the back yard of the University where Tezar study, he can pick Aiden up right away and give him a paracetamol to help the fever. Me on the other hand, was frantically trying to finish my most important jobs of the day, attend a meeting that I already committed to come to and then ran home. Then we decided that it will be wise and good for Aiden if he is not going to the child care the whole week so we can make sure that he recover completely.

The weekend was really lovely. The weather is so nice in Amsterdam that I can walk outside without using a jacket! And people, living here for 3 years, it is a rare occasion that in Spring you can walk around without a jacket. So we decided that it will be good for all of us to go outside and breath in the sun and nice weather. All the flower and wild berries are popping up everywhere. Look at these delicious berries.

We go stroll around in the neighborhood On Friday afternoon where I found a lovely bridge that has stunning view. As usual, Aiden is not really enjoying the walk unless me or Tezar carry him with the baby carrier. But at least he got a bit of fresh air after being home the whole week.

On Saturday, we go groceries shopping as usual. And at night we decided to throw birthday party for my sister and her boyfriend. Just a small gathering with cakes, good food and board game. It was really fun night. And off course I use my trusty little instax camera for party favor to give to my sister. She lovees the picture.

On Sunday, we went to the Oriental market, who sells most of Asian ingredients. We went there to accompany my sister to buy some spices, but as always, ending up buying a ton of stuff. Tezar especially loves visiting this store because he can find many Asian snacks and noddle. He bought like 7 different type of noddle from three different country, Korea, Japan and Indonesia, to try  and decided which one is the best noodle. 

Afterward, We planned to go to Tezar's friend place to have dinner party. Unfortunately, Aiden feeling unwell after the trip in to Oriental. So Tezar ending up went to the party alone. Which is good, because now he can enjoy his time with his best friends and relax. I knew he need it. Aiden is already in bed at 8 pm and now I have the time to write this blog.

This is such a lovely weekend. And now we are ready to face Monday... or not.

Kisses from AMS

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