Theory of Resolution : Welcoming 2014

I looked back into on of my old post about new year resolution. you can find it here. And it bring smile to my face. I remembered at the beginning of 2013 I have the urge to open my old blog post and found these resolution. I totally forgot about them. But then again, half of the resolution were done without me realizing it.
I was so fortunate to graduate all my master classes with good grades and did not have to do any re-exam. I found a job in July 2012 right before I officially graduate. And that moment I realized that Allah has a really mysterious way to answer our prayer. If we want it hard enough, we work to achieve it while always pray to Allah to give us the best result, Insya Allah everything that you pray for will come true. I believe in the power of the secret, law of attraction. The universe will conspire to help you achieve your goal with the permission of Allah. 

Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah for all your blessing. 2013 has been a really blissful year. Giving birth to Baby Sunsine in August is surely my ultimate memories. A very healthy boy who grew so fast! He learned new things every single day. I felt so blessed everyday looking at this beautiful family that I have. Going to Lisbon for work in February, went to Berlin in December for my best friend wedding, and having my contract renewed for one more year in my current job was a few of event that I can mention from thousands of memory I really thankful for in 2013.

And now is the beginning of 2014. It is time to be thankful and learn from the past, prepare for the future, and live in the present. It is time to start fresh, a new set of goals to achieved in the new year. 

I know it is sound so cheeze having a new year resolution or life goal. But hey, I can not help it! I am a planner. I work as a planner. So planning and organizing goals is something I enjoy doing :) As usual, I like to keep it simple, measurable and achievable.

Bismillah.. In 2014 I hope I can :
1. Read at least 1 book in 1 Month.
I used to be able to read 1  book in 1 or 2 days. But I set my goal to be realistic as now I have a small family to take care of.
2. Learning Dutch
This is an old goal but I hope I can be more serious. I need to learn Dutch as baby sunshine speaks Dutch with his teacher in child care and I want to be able to teach him Dutch too.
3. Get permanent Contract from my current job.
Permanent contract  in my job will give me security jobwise and make it easier for me to stay in The Netherlands without me have to worry about permit. And I do loves my job!
4. Pray 5 times a day and read Quran everyday.
This is ongoing goals that I always want to achieve every year.
5. Has a Family Date Day at least once every 2 weeks.
This day will be dedicated to having fun as a family, whether go out to the zoo or just simply playing at home together without a distraction from work or other.
6. Has a Date Night with Hubby once a week.
Important to do both for me and for Hubby!
7. Run 5 km marathon in Dam to Dam marathon
This is such an ultimate goal! I really want to be able to run without losing my breath after 30 second. So I will try to start learning how to run properly and hopefully can join the marathon in September!
8. Have a family vacation abroad
We as family loves travelling. So I really one to go to travelling as a family to a new country that we never visited before.Our family goal is to at least travel to one new country in one year!
9. Have a healthy and Happy Family
This is what I always pray for everyday. Currently me and my husband family has a quite challenging health problem. I hope in 2014 all the problems will be cured and we can live healthy and happy all year long :)

I read from one of my favorite blog that goals or resolution should be fun! So smile and have fun in 2014!

Happy New Year Sunny People!
Kisses from AMS

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