Theory of Weekend (Part 2)

Sunday has always been my favorite day. This day is not only special because I got another dayoff from work, but more because Sunday is the date day. Usually, I spent my Sunday with my hubby, doing anything we want, from eating in the restaurant to exploring new city. Only the two of us, holding hand all day long, spending our time like we were in high school again. Sunday is the official day to be lovey dovey all day! Just us two.

Well sadly, My husband has been gone to Indonesia for 2 weeks now. Yes, people, I am counting it day by day. I can't wait to have him back here with me in Amsterdam. It is not like we never been separated before. As a matter of fact, we spent our first year of marriage life separated half way around the world, Amsterdam-Indonesia. And trust me, It was hell. But we managed it somehow. And now I have to face the same thing again because He must attend his brother wedding in September 2012. And sadly,I can not join him because i need to process my working permit, and oh boy does it takes a loooong time. Guess I have to wait for another month to be with him again :(

So, I've decided to have a date with my roomie, Mbak Dessy. It's a girl day out! And Amsterdam is kind today with the most amazing weather. Perfect time to exploit our summer dresses!
Mbak Dessy : Amira Hijab, Long Sleeve Top from Zara, Vintage skirt, HnM belt, Falt from Crocs, Bag from Van Haren, Sunglasses and watch from Mango

Hijab from Justiezinfashion online shop, Long Sleeve Top from Primark, Flower dress from HnM, Grey Legging from VnD, Vintage Bag

Somehow, I felt like living in the 1960 today in Amsterdam. We found an old tram in the Central Station, listening to the orchestra in the middle of the Dam, and eating yummy Chinese dumplings in Asian Kitchen. The old day vibe just put me in the mood. 

We might be lonely because our loved one is so far away in Indonesia. But somehow, we manage to spent this weekend in style. Thanks for the lovely date Mbak Dessy!

Kisses from Ams

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