Theory of Working while Pregnant

I always want to do blog post about maternity since the beginning of my pregnancy. But again, all things goes crazy busy from there. I know... It was the same old excuses. But I really truly was busy like hell! Normal people will work less during their pregnancy, for me, I need to go full charged. My due date is at the end of July 2013. And I decided to work until the very end, end of June 2013, 4 weeks before due date.

Well, life is a little complicated for me and my hubby here. Coming from Indonesia, I need to have a resident permit in order to stay in Amsterdam. My current resident permit is issued based on my working contract. As this is my first job after my master degree, the company gave me one year contract first. this one year contract will end around September 2013, which falls on maternity leaves (we are entitled of 4 months maternity leaves here in The Netherlands). So, my lovely Boss and I make an agreement on half year evaluation, to see whether I will be eligible for contract extension or not. That way, I will know before my maternity leaves, whether I will have another contract or not. This decision will effect the way I will need to apply for my new resident permit, either as worker attached to my working contract or I need to change my permit to spouse permit. The process of making the spouse permit is a lot crazier than making a renewal of my working based resident permit. Then the best option is to really work hard to achieve my objective in the short 6 months so my boss and (hopefully) the company will see me as valuable worker that they need to keep.

It was not an easy road. Pregnancy does not means that you are sick, but it will make a lot of boundaries in your daily life. You will not be as energetic as you were before. Concentrating for a long time become that more challenging because you keep getting dizzy for every 5 minutes. And the easiest task as walking to the conference room can be as hard like you were climbing on mount Everest (Ok.. maybe not that hard, but it was hard!) because your baby is pressing so hard to your lower stomach that you need to walk like a penguin. 

I got warned by my ObGyn doctor and midwife because I have been in the emergency room twice for blood spotting. The first emergency run was on my birthday, talking about a birthday surprise! They said I work to much and I pushed my body to the limit that it will harmed my baby and me if I kept continue working that hard.  So I decided to take things a little bit slow, I asked my Boss if I can work 2 days from home and 3 days from the office. And He agreed. I was so blessed, that my boss really understand my condition and allows me to work as comfortable as I can. That was 6 weeks ago..

And I am glad to to say that 1 week ago my boss offered me contract extension after my midyear evaluation. It was such a relief and joy for me, that I felt that I can sleep much better after hearing the offer (or maybe because baby is not pushing my lung that hard anymore :p). I love my Boss to the max, as he helps me a lot in the process of gaining the renewal of my working contract.

I made it through, and so does a lot of Mommy to be out there. It takes a lot of effort and adjustment, but we are capable of doing it.  Pregnancy is a natural thing and every woman is designed to endure it. And once you felt that little kick inside your stomach, you will not able to stop smiling :)

Now,I can fully concentrate on my baby and hubby :*

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