Theory Of Beauty : Beauty Haul July 2013

I am currently obsessed over beauty products. I have always loved to try out new products and put on a little make up here and there. However, recently the love is kinda turning into obsession if I can put it that way. I am searching for the best simple make up and beauty product that I can use. And also products that can hide my panda eyes, uneven skin tone on my face and products that just makes me fell pretty again. All this craziness over beauty products starts at around end of June 2013, when I was preparing for my maternity leaves. Suddenly, I have the urge to look super pretty and clean. 

It really bothers me to look at my skin and face in the mirror these days. Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I notice that my skins are changing, a lot! I start to have a lot acne and hyper-pigmentation on my face and body. The most noticeable changes is now I have this giant black line under my eyes due to lack of sleep (I wake up every hour because the urge to pee and cramping on my leg). And don't get me started on the mark I have on my belly (Welcome stretch mark!), I will deal with it later on after pregnancy. I choose to battle one thing at a time.

There are saying in Indonesia that If you having a boy, the mother will look "ugly". I never really think about this saying until I feel it myself. I am not turning ugly, it is just my hormone is so mess up that it affect my skin a lot. My husband does not mind, really. But for me, I want to look the best that I possible can and that means having a healthy and clean skin, or at least does not look like I just went on 5 days trip to the jungle without taking a shower. 

I know it will be a lot harder to take care of my skin after the baby born, every new mom I met say that I would not have the time to do it. even taking a shower will be a challenge, they say. Well, that is why I look for something simple, yet fulfilling. I will start with the small stuff first and build up from there. Then I can just  adjust it according to the new schedule I will have after the baby come. I am still hopeful that I can manage it.

This month, Amsterdam has a lot of discount on beauty products! Yeay for Summer Sale!! So I bought all of my beauty products on discount with a lots of free stuff I got for every purchased. Double Yeay!!!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation shade 250, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer shade 20, Bourjois Cream Blush Number 02, Just by Just Cavalli perfume sample, Gentlemen only by Givenchy perfume Sample
So the first thing I did is to search for the best concealer, foundation and blush. I read a lot of praise about Fit Me by Maybelline line a lot in Youtube and beauty blog. These are the one of the best drug store make up products, that most of the blog and youtube video I watched recommend. There are buy one get one promo in Etos for Maybelline make up products, so I got both of them at half the regular price. And Douglas has 50% discount promo on all Bourjois line plus they gave 2 free perfume sample if you order it online. Talking about the perfect timing :)

I try both of the Fit Me products recently, and I have mixed feeling regarding this line. I love love love concealer! it hides my spots really well, especially my big panda eyes. I am so pleased to find this concealer. However, I can not say the same about the foundation. It is my fault, really, I choose the shades that did not match up with my face skin tone. I try it out on the back of my hand when I bought it, and it was perfect. Little that I know, that my face have lighter shade than the back of my hand. So this foundation makes me look even darker, like having a bad tan on my face. And I do not like the thick feeling on my face from using the foundation. I feel more comfortable using my BB cream instead of foundation. Well, maybe I am not foundation type of gal.

The Bourjois cream shade works perfectly in my face. It blends beautifully and it is so easy to use. Just pad it on your cheek several times and blend it in. I line using this blush with my finger to have good finished. The color is not so in your face, which I like. It just give me the right shade of pink. So yeay for Bourjois cream blush!
Inglot O2M top coat, base coat, teal nail enamel and orange nail enamel
(Uwing, my lovely sister, this is the preview of your present! I will give it to Rivan when he came to Amsterdam, so you can get it from him at the end of August)
Since I found out about Inglot water permeable line on the internet, I really want to try it out. And this month on Amsterdam Fashion Week, Inglot offers 40% discount for all their nail polish line. On top of that, they also give free sample of lip gloss. I am really lucky this month! So I went to Inglot store to try it out and buy the products as a present for my sister back in Indonesia.

Look How pretty the color is!!
The next beauty products that I bought is Body Butter from Body Shop. I am a religious user of body butter since I came to Amsterdam in 2011. The weather here is so dry compare to Indonesia and my skin became really dry and dull. That was when I start to use Body Shop Body Butter. I use it everyday after shower and it gives the right amount of moisturizer for my skin. So I never look back.

Currently I am using the chocolate body butter, but I don't really like the smell of it. My husband do not like the smell of Chocolate body butter. "Too weird and it give fake sweet smell", in his word. Guess he does not like chocolate so much. So I am looking for another type of body butter. I have use Passion Fruits in the past and I think it is the right smell for summer. So I choose Passion Fruits Body Butter from Body Shop as my go to body moisturizer for this summer. Oh, and off course, the product is on sale for 50% and I got another freebie from Body Shop, Moringga shower gel in small tube.

Passion Fruit Body Butter from Body Shop, Moringga Shower Gel Sample from Body Shop
 Lastly, I am looking for perfume for everyday use. This was due to the fact that know I am sweating like crazy, even when the weather is cold outside. Again, blame it on the pregnancy hormone. I usually wear White Musk Eau De Toilette from Body Shop as my go to scent. Now, I am looking for something affordable that I can use abundantly every day, even at home. I don't like sweet or fruity scent for my perfume. I prefer to have spicy, wood, or musk type of scent. So after a little bit of searching throughout the internet, I found out that Diesel Zero Plus has quite nice review, very affordable and is the type of scent that I am looking for. Oh and did I mentioned that I got it for less than 15 euro!

Diesel Zero Plus Masculine Eau De Toilette
I tried it on me yesterday and I can say the smell is a little bit too soft for my taste. It smell like body powder that I used to have as a kid. Well, but it served the purposed of helping me combating my sweaty body.

I also bought another perfume for my Mother in Law. She loves the EDT that we gave her last year, it was Davidov Cool Water Woman. The price is quite expensive, but I found that ICI PARIS XL has this perfume on sales. So I bought one for my mother in law with 60% discount plus one freebie sample from ICI PARIS XL.

Ah, what a perfect week to shop for beauty products. Everything is on sales and has bonus for every purchase. Big Yeay for this week shopping spree!!

Kiss from AMS

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