Theory of Relaxing : Welcoming Maternity Leave

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and finally my maternity leaves journey begins! My midwife told me to have the maternity leaves earlier, but one thing lead to another at work, I just can have it earlier. So here I am, 4 weeks to go before the suggested due date, finally can have work out of my mind.

I should be really happy right? Well, yes.. and no.

First of all, I like to plan ahead. I do everything based on checklist, what is next, what is expected. And now, I am starting this maternity leaves without any plans, things to do, or crazy checklist of what I want to do before the baby comes. So.. at first, I was freaking out little bit. I want to do everything, but yet nothing because maybe this is the time to relax and off course my body is not capable of doing so much anymore. Any mom to be probably now how it felt to be paralyzed from only 30 minutes walks (and talking about pressure down below, not so helping also!) But then, after spending 3-4 hours in front of computer, frantically looking for things I want to do, checking all advises from all mother to be somewhere out there, or looking into all this website of new moms, I decided, I am just going to take it day by day. No plans ahead, no crazy checklist, no upset feeling because I did not do anything all day, no planning.

For me it is a big step! because I am a planner, and I love to plan. but then again, when will be the next chapter of my life that I can do almost nothing? maybe not in the near future. So I want to embrace this time, and just take it step by step.

Bye bye my loverly corner! See you again in December 2013!

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