Aiden Birth Story

I was already 5 days over my due date when me and hubby finally said to my midwife that we want to induced the labor. This decision did not come easy as we did a lot of research, discussion and finally after a lot of thought of what is best for me and baby, we go for the decision if on my 41 week of pregnancy there were no sign of labor, we want to have an induced labor. I actually already have my midwife sweep/stripped my membrane to help start the labor around my due date. But sadly nothing happened after that process.

The main reason of our decision was my health and the baby's health. In the last weeks of my pregnancy, my health was going downhill really fast. I started to have bad allergic reaction that made my stomach itchy and red, and then it started to spread to my leg and hand. I can not take antihistamine since it will intervene with the labor (doctor said it will make the baby and me very sleepy) so my family doctor only gave me menthol to use it as a rub gel. The menthol gel helps a little, but I still cannot sleep due to the itchiness and the pain from the allergic reaction. The worst part is I gain 3 kilograms in one week. This is highly alerting since I have a high risk pregnancy to begin with due to my high BMI. My midwife feared that I would have diabetic and I will not able to deliver normally because the baby will get to big.

So on August 3rd, I checked in to the hospital to have my pregnancy induced. Around 10 pm the midwife started the induction process by putting the balloon inside my cervix to help speeding up the opening of my cervix. Around 1.30 am, the balloon already slips out by itself, which means I already at 3 cm dilation. The midwife came and broke my water. The process felt horrible. I cannot stand the pain when the midwife put her finger to fell my opening, and it got worse when she broke my water. 

Afterward, the process are waiting for my body to kick into gear and have a normal process of dilation and contraction. I have maximum of 24 hours time window to deliver normally, because after that it will dangerous for the baby. I felt the contraction immediately after the midwife broke my water, which is around 6-5 minutes apart. The intensity of the contraction is rather mild at the beginning. After around 3 hours, the midwife come and check in my cervix opening again. Nothing changes, I was still around 3 cm. So she gave me the Oxytocin and said they will check every 3 hours how my opening progressing.

The pain intensity were increasing really fast after the Oxytocin drips entered my system. I was kinda exited because I thought that is the sign of the labor process progressing really well. Unfortunately, my body does not want to start the process. After 6 hours, the opening only progress a little bit to 3.5 cm. Around noon on August 4th, I was in so much pain that I could not breath anymore. I was screaming for epidural, but it was just my luck that the anesthetist was really busy. I really in the state of panic and my breathing was really alarming. The midwife asked my permission to shoot me with morphine because the anesthesia doctor will probably took another 3 hours to come and gave me my precious epidural. I gladly said yes to the morphine shot. I got the epidural around 3 pm.

After the epidural was placed in my body, the Oxycotin drips was being increased to a very high level with the hope of helping my cervix opened faster and bigger. The midwife came every hour in the afternoon to check the opening. Every time she gave me the look and answer that my opening is still at around 3-4 cm, I was crushed. I really want to deliver this baby normally but my body did not cooperate with me. And the last checking is around 20 hours after my water was broken (around 9 pm). This time the midwife said that I had no other choice but to go on the operation table to have a c-section. At that time my cervix only progress to 4.5 cm and the with only 4 hours time window to have a normal delivery, it was unlikely I would be able to progress to 10 cm.

The operation start around midnight. I am awake throughout the operation, shiverring, afraid, puking in the operation table and felt lost. Thankfully my husband was there all the time with me. He stands near my head, whisper to my ear on how He was so proud of me, He was there for me and everything was going to be alright. On 00:58 August 5th, 2013 I heard my baby first cry, Aiden, our 4.2 kg and healthy baby boy was born.

Kisses from AMS

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